Download Rent Agreement - Rental / Lease Agreement Format.

If you just rented a home or looking to rent a home across Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida, you may need a rent agreement. Rent agreement is a very traditional contract and holds basic rights for the homeowner. The better version of the same contract is “Leave and License Contract”. In leave and license contract the scheduled premises is handed over to a tenant as a licence for a certain period of time, which is as mentioned in the contract (which can be mutually agreed). CLICK, AND SAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE RENT AGREEMENT – Rent Agrement (

Why we have a 11 months contract: –

The general or a regular tenure of a Rent Agreement in India is 11 months or lesser for a Notarized Rent Agreement or a Leave and License contract or a Lease Agreement. The reason is that because a day above that the Home Owner and the Tenant will have to make it a registered contract at Court. While its always a hassle to register a contract in court as it always expensive (stamp fee and Registration fee varies state wise), finding a decent lawyer is always difficult and finally the time constraint- it pisses me every time my home owner asks me visit the court as it kills a complete day (sometimes two) and the process is designed to get it to your nerves.

Notarised Contract- Notarised contract is valid only once it is signed in front of the Notary where he is also a witness and a copy of same has also been recorded in his books- which are supposed to be submitted to the concerned authorities in a defined intervals .

Malpractice- Signing on a piece of paper which has a stamp of a Notary does not holds any good value, as it is not recorded in the books which has or submitted to the authorities.

Any Rent Agreement which is notarized and above 11 months is absolutely VOID and IS NOT VALID in a court of law. It holds no value. The contract can talk about escalations in the future years but the validity cannot be more than 11 months of the contract.

How does FreeBHK helps you in your Rent Agreement-?

FreeBHK has a in-house legal team- to ensure that the contract is correct and binding. We do not just provide you the papers which are notarized- we ensure that every thing is done in an absolute proper way. To make a Rent (Leave and License) agreement- mention your details on the form and send it to us on mentioning your contact details.

Sit back and wait for a call from a FreeBHK legal champ to reach you back with all the relevant documents- guess what it is FreeBHK â€“ Its mostly FREE. Conditions applied.

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