FreeBHK : Property Management Services

Settled Abroad or Out-Stationed?

And have your property on the mind. Maintaining your property can get nasty if you don’t find a decent tenant. At FreeBHK, we not even only show your flat to people who are background screened and verified, but we dive deeper in their background before actually renting it to someone, and all this happens in the background. We just don’t manage your property and also manage your tenant to optimize your Rental Revenue and portfolio. At #FreeBHK #PropertyManagement Services, we have designed an absolute #hassle-free process. We use technology to leverage your problems, follow Defined Processes which are super proven and also personalize with a dedicated #PropertyManager. With FreeBHK #RentGuarantee you get the rent even if it is not paid by the tenant and yes right on time.

FreeBHK: Property Management Scope

  • Property repair and renovation (If required)
  • Strong tenant background screening
  • Agreement and other documentation
  • Property handover to tenant
  • Timely rent collection
  • Inspection of property, scheduled and random.
  • Handling tenant queries
  • Handling tenant termination

#FreeBHK charges you .045% of your 11 months rental income and ensures that your property is always milking money in the market which is cluttered with brokers. FreeBHK has an inhouse team of Electricians, Plumbers Carpenters, painters; and it comes to you as a value addition and also on a heavily negotiated prices.

We ensure that your property is always intact and in the best shape at all the times, and not just at the time of moving in and moving out of a tenant. There are other companies as well who provides the same service, but they goof up badly.


#NestAway: turns your home into a PG- and your propertie’s regular wear and tear reaches to more than 10X roughly, while the money that comes to you is still almost the same.

FreeBHK has a team across Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida, and multiple locations. We have grown over 18 times in over 2 years and have been awarded as one of the fastest growing company in #NCR by Sales Edge.

For more details log on to FreeBHK and get a copy of Free Property Analysis and find your FreeBHK Rental Price (FRP).

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