FreeBHK Property Management Services- What we bring on the table?


What FreeBHK actually do in Property Management

  1. Property Management Service Concept
  2. Proper Background Screening.
  3. Tenant Query Handling / After Renting Maintenance
  4. Rent Guarantee
  5. On Demand Services
  6. Scheduled and Random Property Visits
  7. New tenant Immediately Found.


Well as the name suggests, its absolutely Hassle #Free Property Management. This concept which has now started picking up in India. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES are a very popular concept in most developed countries like USA, UK. This is because most of property are being managed by property management companies and leased out by them. Enabling the home owners to focus on what they love to do most.


Reasons why it has started picking up in India:

1) Transparency factor: High fraud related to properties on the graph. Clarity in minds of homeowner and Tenants is main motto of FreeBHK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES.

2) Hassle Factor: FreeBHK property manager handles your property on your behalf, enabling you to save your time from all the evil hassle. Property maintenance, property repairs, handelling ongoing tenant query etc.

3) Background Screening: With FreeBHK Property Management Services, FreeBHK carefully screen the prospect tenants profile. This screening is scientifically derived from the treads which actually based on the market.

4) Rent Guarantee: You get the rent, on time, even if it is not paid or delayed by the tenant.

5) Property Eviction: FreeBHK has an in house legal team, which is pivotal in Eviction services.

6) Tenant Preference: Property owners can share there preferences of the tenants. An then it will be the responablity of the Proprty Manager to ensure that the prefferences are being met.

7) Ready pool of Prospects Tenants: FreeBHK maintains a ready of of the prospects all the time to marry the property wise, NOT Vise versa.

8) Tenants love it: For tenants, they can evaluate a property between good and bad, but the homeowners are mostly miss judged. FreeBHK User reviews are through the roof. There trusts using PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES due to their lack of knowledge of the area and people saves their valuable time.

In India this concept has already been a smashing hit in cities like Delhi, Gurugram and Noida. Other samlll cities have also started looking to it. FreeBHK #Dehradun has already 65 properties.

What’s The Trick:

FreeBHK Proprety Managers primarily focus on giving hassle free experience to Property Owners. Impeccable documentation, with all the details of the inventory, Police verification of individual tenants, background screening etc.

Incase of a Corporate Lease- Company Credit Verification. Precaution is better than cure, a good start gives an upper hand in avoiding menace. Quality is doing right when no one is looking- FreeBHK process are flawless. The verification process is followed for every lead before starting with them. We filter out the people who are safer based on the FreeBHK trends, stats and records. The purpose of this thorough verification is to ensure the safety of Property Owners and to prevent fraud beforehand. The customers today are quick by nature. So even the company providing Property Management Services has a lot at stake as well.

Handling Tenant Queries:

FreeBHK, has in inhouse service team. Making it a finely knitted services, enabling quality repairs. Say you have Jaguar fittings in you property. A tap breaks and your tenant uses a Haguar which is a first copy, calling a local plumber. With FreeBHK- the tenant gets a free service but the equipments and materials used are 100% genuine and authentic. ensuring the right quality. FreeBHK Properties are maintained on behalf of owners and tenants. FreeBHK homes are qualified on a minimum standards. Like new painting, wardrobes in all bedrooms etc.

FreeBHK does scheduled and random property visits. Inspection of property from time to time is part of services covered under property management services. Tenants are also provided with scheduled maintenance visits as per their needs. Making it an ecosystem of home owners and tenants livig in synergy.

Guaranteed Rent

Due to detailing of all clauses mentioned under the rent agreement, it becomes unavoidable for the tenant to stop or delay the rent payment. Proactive measures to avoid problems before hand and very stable financial background of the company also helps.

Rent is processed without a slightest of the delay. Homes owners have nothing to loose.

Scheduled property visits and Quarterly Reports.

Property Management Services covers one more important aspect which is very useful for property owners who live far away from their property i.e. regular inspection of the scheduled property. This is how they get to know the status of the property they have been so worried for. The purpose of visit is to keep the home owners copped of how the property has been kept so far, and also to get notified for any wear and tear from tenant end. If there are any damages in the property, it has to be resolved immediately. This also alerts the tenants also tends to be more careful when they know FreeBHK team can visit properties anytime. It is seen in past that Tenants are not very careful when owner liver abroad. Wear and tear found in property is generally more than it should be. Owner of properties who are living in abroad have started to use #PMS services more due their knowledge of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES services in abroad.

Immediate New Tenant Service

One of the best feature provided in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES is immediate allotting of new tenant. Earlier it used to take 15 days to 2 months approximately to found right tenant. But Under Property Management services new tenants are found immediately as per owner and preferences. Then, same process is followed new tenant as mentioned above. This kind of hassle free experience is made possible due to PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES only. More and more tenants started to use the Property Management Services in recent times.

Analytics Based Rental Prices: FRP (FreeBHK Rental Price)

One of important feature of Property Management Services is reasonable renting prices. Rents are calculated transparently by analyzing the market situation or market changes taking place and not based on the gut feeling. Rents are calculated on daily basis by the careful analyzing the marketing factors, and property features. Unlike brokers, real estate agents whose charges vary on regular bases depending upon the customer urgency. There are various analytical tools which are used to calculate the correct rentals. Some of which are forecasting methods and analytical tools. Rents when compared with brokers will be very less with no hidden cost which is usually the case with them. All cost charged in Property Management Services is charged only after the rent agreement is signed and deal is completed.


Most companies handling the Property Management Services maintain tenants records and giving them rating for future purposes. It basically gives credibility score to all the tenants which will be helpful for deals in future. When a large number of requests from tenants are coming through, preferences are always given to those with better credibility score. So, your good deeds in the past will benefit you in future. Property Management Services is renowned for its hassle free experience. The reason for Property Management Service is to create a hassle free experience for property owner as well as tenant. Basically it helps in pairing the right owner with right tenant at the right time. The best part about the service is its transparency. Every small detail is shared in advance to both tenant and owner. There is no hidden cost which is usually the case with the brokers.

Proper Verification of Documents.

A naive property owner who is looking to rent out property for first time may find it difficult to understand all important clauses which are needed. FreeBHK handles all documents queries and ensures the safety of property owner with the help of In House legal consulting team. Similarly A naïve tenant who is looking for home in other city or country may find it difficult to understand clauses added for the benefit of owners and which can lead to eviction of tenant in future without any prior notice. Property Management is a win win situation for both property owners and Tenants. Property Management Consultants charges very minimal price when compared with brokers whose charges vary depending upon the urgency of the individual.

Sometimes property owners rent out the property to the new tenant when old tenant is still living at their house. New tenant is provided with false date of leaving and are made to wait. Property Management Services covers all those aspects and even gives complete in house visits before moving to your new home. Transparency is a major factor that has lead to the success of Property Management Services in India.

Handles Cases of special power of attorney for lease property

Property Management Services also includes handling of special cases where property owners authorize a person who handles their leased property on their behalf. Property Management Consultants helps in assigning all rights and duties of the attorney with the help of their in house legal team which is in regular contract of property owner. In house legal team mentions all the details like mentioning of role at the beginning of lease to other important information like clarity on picking of rent amount. The final draft is then created with the help of legal team which mention in depth all the terms and conditions of contract. Property Management Services are not only for those moving abroad but also for those working commutes that are moving to tier 1 city for the purpose of peace of mind, greener patches. No broker or middleman handles queries or solves problems like PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Manager.

Facilities for Tenant

Property Management services focuses on every aspect of the tenant needs and urgency like no other. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Managers basically worries about the tenant on his behalf. Property Manager, ensures that tenant doesn’t have to worry about anything. Services covered by the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES Managers includes new wall paints, working of electrical appliances, list of every.


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