How to screen check your tenant when renting the property?

Renting is great for earning some extra cash while concentrating on your current work/business. But, sometimes renting can become an addition to your work schedule. How and When?

When your tenant is creating problems, imagine having dinner and your tenant coming late drunk and making a nuisance. Or you have a property at a distant location, and you are getting a call from neighbours regarding the misbehaviour of your tenant. 

So how to avoid this unwanted problem or work? 
So how to check your tenant before renting out your property? 
First, ask for any valid Id proof and get it photocopied with the person’s signature. 
Second, you need to get any document related to where the person is currently employed. 

Once we are 100% per cent clear about the persons’ identity and work status, we need to have a small questionnaire to determine whether the tenant would be a good fit for your property.

Some Questions that we recommend are: – 
  • Why did you leave the last place you were living?
  • Do you have any pets or intend to keep any?
  • Any plans of having a roommate in the future?
  • What are the timings of your work? Do you also work night shifts?
  • How are your smoking and drinking habits? 
  • Will you have visitors here to stay longer than 3-4 days?

One more important thing would be to check your tenants’ credit score. 

Following these ways will help you in knowing about your tenant and at the same time giving respect to their privacy.

Not just this, you can directly contact us if facing any issue regarding screen checking your tenant. 

Our team at FreeBHK always makes sure that you are never worried about your property, even living far away. 

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