How to Screen Your Tenants

You must check the following metrics:

    1. Screening the tenant based on his occupation is a compelling method of knowing him closely. This is a very basic but important step, knowing his profile helps us to understand his qualifications and his family background. FreeBHK has a special team which performs the task of checking the designation and service period of the client. They rinse the entire profile of the person inside out, giving us a clear estimate of the amount of trust we can keep.
    1. Credit accountability is another major step. Through our analysis, we have learnt that a person who pays his taxes, credit cards bills, phone bills etc that has a higher probability of paying the rent on time. On the other side a person who is not well organised in terms of footing the bills has higher chances of getting bankrupt at the time of rent payment. Thus credit worthiness helps in estimating the economic status of the tenant, such that in long run the hard cash would not be an issue for the owner.
    2. Reference check- We must never shin away from asking the last homeowner’s reference, in case of a first time renting ask for a local reference and people who may refer him.
  1. Law in India requires Police Verification of the tenant, but we provide various other screen checks along with police verification for making it more secure. We prepare questionnaire which has to be balanced-answer the doubts but not intrusive in personal space (contact details, family and permanent address, smoking/drinking habits, lifestyle, previous landlord’s contact).

At FreeBHK, our tenant finding team works in coordination with the PMS team. The TF team specialise in different areas and are regularly on the road seeing clients. We together with our technical team pride ourselves on technology. We are focused in helping the landlords with rental valuations for every home they list on our website. This would lessen the pain and smoothen the renting process for our home owners, as we would be just a click away for guiding and assisting you in choosing the right tenant for your beloved property.

While the rents of the homes are based on the flawless calculations and not as based on the gut feeling of a person.


Looking for good tenants?

Technology is greatly shaping the way we think, and live. From the mundane methods of finding ways to maintain one’s property, to the profound strategies of the professional property managers, there has been a magical role played by the technology. The erudite entrepreneurs emerging with their creative ideas are reaching to investors and the general mass through social media, is also accredited through technology. And thus we care and render our services using this magical hub. We at FreeBHK are a group of IT professionals determined to provide hassle free renting to both home owners and the tenants. Our through understanding of the management process gives us the ability to sell our skills, and those of our team, to potential and garner the new business. Visualising the dearth of good online Property Management Services platforms in India over a decade.

But the very first question arising in the mind must be- what Property Management is and what are its advantages.

The Property Management is the art of managing a beautiful property. It involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property, including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilisation, and disposition. The advantages are equal for both the tenant and the home owner. The tenant enjoys the experience of well managed and properly channelled services and the landlord has the security, knowing their investments are always under a watchful eye.

So, what happens when a home owner thinks of renting his/her property. Thousands of questions cross his mind, which surely are related to the security and safety of the property and its belongings. This is a very natural phenomenon, as a beautiful property must be kept beautiful at every stage and not just moving in or moving out of the tenant. In the past few years we did a rigorous research on what the major factors that drives the real estate business chain are, and what are the real challenges faced by the tenant and the landlords. We were more intuitive in meeting vendors and real estate agents to prepare the catalogues. After multiple surveys, we drew a pattern that helped us understand that the very issue was the hassle and pain in renting the property. That very moment we started planning our strategies by digging deep to the crust and learning from all possible opportunities. Today we are proud enough to declare that we provide the best services in the market. Our main focus is to take away all the hassles from you and to provide you smooth and easy renting, making sure the cash always flows in your account and you utilise the optimum benefits of being a landlord.

The very initial step for renting out the property is, knowing the person whom you choose to give your property on rent. It is very important to have a clear image of the person concerned, and there we play the major role. We provide you a completely background verified tenant. We are very professional in terms of our services, we make sure we filter the potential tenant from our ready pool of tenants and proceed with the one having a crystal clear history with good records. A person who pays rent on time, does not abuse or damage the property and is respectful of the surrounding is the ideal tenant for us.

– Aishwarya Shukla


Gurugram, Haryana, India

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