Why to start your new year with a new property manager?

Suppose you have property far from your property that you want to rent or live overseas with property in India. You might be knowing what property management services are. Why will you hire a property management service? Of course, to have a completely hassle-free experience. That many management companies fail to offer.

What exactly is the role of a property management company?

What are its Benefits?

To Screen your Tenants properly.

Property management companies have experience and resources for better screening of tenants. It helps you get rent on time, and the tenant creates no damage, plus living longer at your residence.

No legal worries

That is what precisely complete hassle-free experience means. The laws of the government bind the owner and tenant. It is our responsibility to get all your paperwork done, and there is nothing left that can incur you a legal cost.

More reach of tenants.

We have a record of tenants and resources to reach the tenants for your property as fast as possible. By this, your property is occupied for most of the time in a year or longer.

Management of Tenants

Managing tenants by yourself become a tough job. Sometimes, landlords have to make tough decisions like accepting late rent without a fee. Tenants may make use of your decency or politeness in getting sympathy. A property management company is taken as a professional entity and makes it challenging for them to bargain. Meaning, 100% hassle-free rent payments on time 

Home Maintenance

We make sure to take care of your property’s maintenance in short intervals to avoid problems in the long run.

Protection from scams

Many people take advantage of inexperienced landlords by doing rental scams. They may try to sue you on various grounds after creating a nuisance or failing to pay rent. A property management company has all the legal documents and is ready with lawyers in these situations.

Better in dealing in the eviction of the property

Eviction can be a frustrating process where the person might not be ready to vacate your property. Property management companies handle these issues for you in a professional manner.

We try to make your experience completely hassle-free. That is what FreeBHK stands for.

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